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  1. You’ll Get Your Meeting
  2. Ignore These at Your Peril
  3. An Avoidable Catastrophe
  4. Trade is a Good Deal
  5. Turn Off the Printing Press
  6. You Can’t Blame the Monarch
  7. Brain Dead and Charging Ahead
  8. Our Only Way Out
  9. Help Wanted

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I must state this book is written with an extreme amount of passion, which very few authors exhibit. This is a well written well researched book. This piece of literature exemplifies the empathy that has driven our financial system into the ground. The author does a superb job getting his point across and even better job making you care.

Spread the Wealth is a fairly short read (114) pages. There’s no doubt the writing style is quite terse, but the information contained in the words is power-packed.
(review can also be seen on Amazon)

From where I sit, this book is dual purpose: 1) to give concrete, irrefutable examples in history of how government intervention has caused more pain than it has relieved and 2) to give the reader a real world example of how ordinary citizens, armed with a knowledge of history, BASIC economics and with steadfast determination CAN change the policies of this country.

In the opening chapter, Breuhan chronicles his own efforts to overturn the steel tariffs imposed by the administration of George W. Bush. It is a riveting account of how an American citizen can fight, scratch and claw their way through the barriers that seem to separate the regular people from the political elite.

The remainder of the book is spent educating the reader using numerous examples of the havoc rendered by governments by meddling in affairs they should have left to markets. In short, the book’s core message is: Free markets, private property rights and a stable currency. If government gets out of the way and allows these three principles to flourish, the nation will return to solid-footing. What’s more, this is not just his opinion, Breuhan arms the reader with numerous examples from history. You know the old saying: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

From the standpoint of prose/style/writing/etc, I should give this book a 3.5 or 4.0 star rating because as I mentioned the writing is terse. I would have liked to seen more development of some of the examples. This book could easily be 200 pages and would probably be a slightly more enjoyable read, but the importance, the accuracy and the irrefutable nature of the content, given the ‘fix’ we’re in compels me to give it a 5 star-rating because it’s what every American needs to know and to do. Now!

– Joseph Meirow (review can also be seen on Amazon)
“David Breuhan has a way of pinpointing economic problems and solutions. This is a great primer for readers wanting a more in-depth understanding of America’s economic challenges.”
—Richard Burr, The Detroit News

“There is nothing more useful than clear writing about economics and free markets. David Breuhan makes the grade in this book. He makes complex ideas easy to understand without over-simplifying. His passion for liberty shines through on every page and inspires the reader. Ranging over history and the contemporary scene, Spread The Wealth explains where we are, how we got here and where we ought to be.”
—Thomas G. Donlan, Barron’s Weekly