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Why did you write the book, Spread The Wealth?

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

I wrote Spread The Wealth: More Haves, Fewer Have-nots to provide solutions to current problems in public policy and economics. Elections in the United States bring political change to Washington, but too often, economic policies remain the same.

The intent of this economic policy book is to promote the formation of great public policy through a Renaissance in modern economic thought. The work supports the historically successful key elements of free trade, stable currency and private property rights. These philosophies have been espoused by philosophers  such as Plato, Aristotle, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Ludwig von Mises, Fredrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. Unfortunately, this wisdom has been replaced by econometric modeling and ignorance.

What are some of the main lessons you want people to learn from this book?

Monday, October 19th, 2009
  1. Readers will be able to differentiate between what has and what has not worked in economics and public policy throughout history. I explain the effects of the Great Depression and how it relates to our financial crisis today.
  2. Understand that protectionism hurts everyone. It creates shortages and increases prices. Historically, when then goods can’t cross borders armies will. Free trade means peace: you don’t wage war on your customers.
  3. No nation has ever turned to the printing press with desired results.
  4. The two biggest expenses for business are payroll and taxes. If the government raises taxes – then businesses will cut their payroll.
  5. Health care, tariffs, Cap and Trade and  increased taxes is the recipe for a jobless recovery; just like the Great Depression. The New Deal failed, this book proves it.